Filet products

Dark saithe loins Dark saithe – Pollachius Virens

At Pandalus A/S we specialize in processing of dark saithe, especially dark saithe loins. The dark saithe is caught all year, and makes a big part of our daily raw material purchases. Every loin is cut by hand by one of our experienced employees. When the product is cut it is packed directly into boxes with ice and placed in our refrigerated hall. The dark saithe is a cod-fish and is available all year on danish and European fish auctions. The fish meat is firm, and is a formidable edible fish.

Cod filet Cod – Gadus Morhua

The Cod might be the most well-known round fish in Denmark. The fish meat is light, and with its mild taste very suitable for a myriad of dishes. At Pandalus A/S we have great experience with processing cod. The filets are offered in multiple cuts – and is delivered by request.

Plaice filet Plaice - Pleuronectes platessa

The plaice make up for the biggest part of our daily cuts by hand, which is why we are specialists in filleting exactly this type of fish. The fish is cut, and the fillets are packed directly into poly boxes with ice after the filleting. Fast packing and cooling provides the best product, which is why the product keeps its freshness for much longer.