Our history

Pandalus was established in 1969 as a shrimp factory. There from comes the name Pandalus, which is the Latin name for deep sea shrimp.

Conversion of the production

Back then the company was owned by Swedish fishermen and danish interests. The production was based on shrimps brought in by Swedish fishermen to Hanstholm Havn.

When these Swedish landings of shrimp stopped, the company had to convert the production – now the focus was fish export of both fresh and frozen products, especially round fish species such as cod, haddock, saithe and whiting.

In the fall of 1981, the Swedish fishermen and the danish interests was bought out of the company by a three-men group consisting of Søren T. Petersen, Jens Christian Andersen and Leif F. Andreasen, whom in 1992 converted the company into the joint stock company it is today.

A shift of generations started by between the years of 1997/1998 when Morten L. Mortensen became co-owner and Søren T. Petersen stepped out of the circle of owners during 1999. Primo 2004 Jens Christian Andersen and Leif F. Andreasen stepped out of the circle of owners, whereas Jimmy Tinggaard stepped in in their place

New shift of generations

As part of a new generational shift, in 2017 it was decided to expand the circle of owners with three of the companies most faithful employees.
As of January 1. 2018 Michael Andersen, Henning Søe and Kim Tøt Baun stepped into the circles of owners. The expansion of the owners circle is a link in the chain of the company’s efforts in strengthening the company in the future.

Today the everyday management and ownership consists of a experienced and dynamic team.